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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Anti-property; The Philosopher's Stone of the Communist Utopia

'Talcum X' is certainly one of the wittiest monikers currently gracing memesphere. It is a play on words involving the white powder called Talcum and a famous American Black consciousness activist called Malcolm X. The butt of this joke is the social commentator and Black rights activist Shaun King who, despite being a white-as-snow Caucasian, is overtly giving himself out as a bona fide dyed-in-the-cotton Negro.

In a normal society, this brazen deception would have been seriously frowned upon and, at the very least, ridiculed as borderline schizophrenia. However, in our Zeitgeist this is seen as completely normal. Even more bizarre, it is, like the transmutation of the American C-list celebrity Bruce Jenner into ''Caitlyn'' Jenner, regarded as something positive, as something "liberating".

How could this be? How could the very physical properties - coded permanently into the DNA of these two pale males by Nature - be so wantonly discarded... cast aside and abolished, as if they never had any natural legitimacy per se?

Projection is the teleology of Western alchemy... of Platonism.

"Once the Philosopher's stone or powder of projection had been created, the process of projection would be used to transmute a lesser substance into a higher form, often lead into gold." (source)

The base ingredient/element of the Philosopher's Stone is known as prima materia.  It is the primitive formless base of all things... containing all the qualities and properties in/of the Universe, by default. And it is wonderful...

"That there abides in nature a certain pure matter, which, being discovered and brought by art to perfection, converts to itself proportionally all imperfect bodies that it touches." (source)

When asked to summarise Communism, Marx and Engels replied with a single sentence: "The abolition of private property". This, the abolition of property (not belonging to the state), is not a new idea. The father of (modern) Communism is Sir Thomas More. He was zealously "anti-property".
The state - all states, globally - should be the sole owner of all property/-ies. From this it follows that once the whole world is Communist, i.e. "propertyless", the end of politics (conflict) will be heralded in and Man will live happily ever after.

And yes, Thomas More wrote the book Utopia. And no, Communism didn't disappear with the fall of the Berlin Wall. It only metamorphosed. Anti-property, the Philosopher's Stone of Communism, is still being mixed and (sh)mashed into all and sundry.

Identity Politics is the abolition of human property/-ies...

... be it vis-à-vis the races, the sexes, or (even) ethnicities. Woe betide any man who dares question this new Commie Utopian imperative. Nobel Prize winner James Watson experienced this first-hand when he simply stated that...

... there is no firm reason to anticipate that the intellectual capacities of peoples geographically
separated in their evolution should prove to have evolved identically... Our wanting to reserve equal powers of reason as some universal heritage of humanity will not be enough to make it so."

Dr Watson was subsequently ostracised from both the public and academic sphere. He recently had to sell his Nobel Prize medal because of financial difficulties. Alas, the Inquisition is merciless. It is blasphemy (hate-speech) when the existence of homo inecfigiatus, the shape/-propertyless/tabula rasa man, is called into question. Shaun King is black, Bruce Jenner is female, 64 genders and counting, and all non-whites,  be they Negro, Indian, Chinese, etc., are now suddenly POC (people of colour) - a shapeless mass with no discerning properties, apart from being wonderful...

Were it not so tragic, it would be seriously hilarious. Wantonly denying human difference/s - innate biological properties (also) determining behaviour - among, e.g. the races, has dire consequences for those affected, in real life - especially when it concerns whites living in black Africa. The co-founder of the Dark Enlightenment, Mencius Moldbug, brings it to the point perfectly;

"What's certain is that no attempt to construct a modern Western civilisation out of a hunter-gatherer or protoagricultual populations has been successful." (source - see comment section)

Alas, Nelson Mandela's Long Walk To Freetown is rapidly reaching the end of its journey. His legacy will finally bury him. #TIA.

Cultural Marxism, the abolition of Western cultural properties/products (German trans. Kulturgütter), carries on unabated. Like, e.g., changing all the European names of the cities and towns in Mandeadlatopia to Bantu names, exalting same-sex marriages and the banishing of Christian symbols from public and government spheres, and Western Clitoris-Rexes and sphincter elves openly support Sharia-supporting Muslims is the new normal.

In the academia, Wittgenstein's onomatopoeic attempt to test the internal consistency of Philosophy - like Gödel did for/to Mathematics - only led to the glorification of faggoty French anti-property philosophers like Foucault and Derrida. They started the great Paradigm Wars in the social sciences in the late-80s. Derrida's famous method of 'deconstruction' - exalting the (shapeless) grey zone within dichotomies - and Foucault's 'the body is the prison of the mind' infantilism directly led to the moronic feel-good LGBTQ personal-pronoun soup (e.g. 'ze', 'xi' and 'womzn') which made the Huffington Shitpost's Interpretivist-inspired one-swallow-makes-the-summer globally shared-community 'we-journalism' so popular.

All the above mentioned anti-property examples are but a fraction of the ongoing madness infesting the modern West. Not unlike (in) the Prometheus myth, wherever anti-property is mixed in for good Utopian measure, Man has his liver picked out most painfully; be it in Stalin's gulags, Pol Pot's Killing Fields, Rhodesia, the current Muslim and Negro invasion of Europe, or current Venezuela. Communist chaos reigns supreme all over the West. And things are about to get worse, much worse. Hegel's Geist, the, anima mundi, is hellbent on seducing the whole world.

Climatism (Global Warming/Climate Change) is the abolition of geopolitical property/-ies.

Never in history has one ideology been able to globally dictate two of the most important functions of sovereign nation-states namely, taxation and border control. Regarding the former, think carbon taxes. The latter; just think how semantic sorcery has changed 'illegal alien' into 'undocumented immigrant' to, finally, 'climate refugee' within the span of five short years. And yes, CO2 caused  the Syrian Civil War and Brexit, according to Al Gore.

Courtesy of the Commie Philosopher's Stone, anti-property, Man is truly (re)transmuting into something wonderful - the proto-Utopian Ür-Blob, the primal Atlantean anima materia, that can even control the weather like the mighty gods of lore... just ask Al Thor.

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