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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Decentralising Morality; After Babel, the Blockchain

Pride comes before the fall.
(Proverbs 16:18)

Imagine not having someone or something to blame for the woes besetting Life. A (moral) world which effectively excludes powerful intermediaries acting as arbiters of "good and evil". No "Whiteness", no anti-semitism or CO2 to blame.

Such a world is now possible... provided the pride innate to Progressivism is finally negated.

Ever since Plato conflated Science and Morality, the West has been on a veritable Jihad to find the ultimate scapegoat. Plato, the proud philosopher, (symbolically) blamed some imaginary "evil" people deliberately holding the "ultimate potential" of Mankind, Reason, hostage in the cave of "unReason" (die Unvernuft). Now, 2300 years later, those supposedly freed hostages seriously believe they can "save" a 4.5 billion year-old planet which they did not create from a scapegoat, CO2, they believe they have created in the past 30 years. Don Quixote meets Dunning-Kruger.

Be that as it may; this anthropological reductionism (by Plato) - Reason as the ultimate teleology of existence - magically escaped its contextual setting and started a flurry of meta-solution attempts that brought about the reign of a bewildering array of powerful moral intermediaries vying for final Atlantian supremacy... be it human rights, Communism, Utilitarianism, democracy, Climatism or Egalitarianism/Equality. All have one thing in common, namely, they are Closed Moral Systems (henceforth, CMS) driven by human pride.

The writer sees pride as a combination of Deism and Thymos. Yet in doing so, the writer threatens to undermine the very premise of the argument... by "blaming". To paraphrase Derrida; It's impossible to escape the maw of Platonism. That said...

As in Boltzmann's Second Law of Thermodynamics, so in Moral Dynamics. Entropy in a closed system will eventually spread to the whole system. The (moral) entropy in Progressivism has always been systemic... for in its quest to bring about that "final" perfect state of Mankind, i.e. Utopia - e.g. Plato's dream of all unReason finally banished from the Universe - it must, by neccesity, be universal and a-historical. And precisely these two entropy-inducers, universalism and a-historicality,
have seen all Western attempts at Utopia fail so miserably ever since Plato started the whole moral-enineering back to the future Atlantis project, so to speak.

An example of a-historicality; Black South Africans blame White South Africans for having denied them (their) human rights when the latter colonised the country. Fact however is that human rights did not exist in 1652 when White first settled in South Africa. When truth be told, human rights only really came into being when the Rome of our Zeitgeist, America, granted full sufferage to Afro-Americans in 1965. It is therefore absurd of Black South Africans to try to assuage their egos/pride by blaming White South Africans for an anthropological reductionism - humanitarianism (as in human rights) - which simply did not exist at the time. In short; human rights are not a-historical.

An example of universalism; Afro-Americans demand reparations for slavery because they were not treated as equals back then. Fact is however that said Blacks did not treat their own kin in Africa as equals during, and before, that time too. It is not hard to imagine a new Black male slave back then raiding a fellow Black tribe for slaves to sell to White slavers just days before he was enslaved himself. When truth be told, the anthropological reductionism of "Equality" - as propagated by the American Founding Fathers - was strictly limited to British Presbytarian settlers wanting self-determination from the British Crown back then. It is therefore absurd of pride butt-hurt Afro-Americans to demand reparations for an anthropological reductionism - which escaped its original setting, the American Constitution - they themselves did not abide to before they were treated unequally (enslaved) by Whites. In short; Equality has never been universal.

Yet Progressives persist with their zealotry... their Plato-emboldened "Reason-driven" social-engineering utopianism. They have all the consent manufacturing tools at their disposal, especially the MSM and Hollywood. For example, in the latest Arthur movie, Sir Percival is a gook, Sir Lancelot a mullato and Merlin is a feisty young clitoris-Rex (a feminist). Hope is their greatest addiction. And therefore the entrophy in their hallowed CMSes spreads, accelerates.

Said chaos is witnessed by the ever-increasing disconnects in, especially, identity politics in America and South Africa. For example; in the former country, Evergreen State College has an annual Day of Absence in which all Whites are barred from the campus for one day in order to give POC a "safe space" from "Whiteness". The disconnect regarding Equality here is obvious. Whites have to be treated unequally in order for Equality to come to fruition. In other words, here Equality is seen as an ongoing process with discriminatory imperatives. But how can that be seeing that Equality
is supposed to be a-historical and universal? In short; equal-outcome egalitarianism is desconstructing the feel-proud myth of Equality at a blistering pace. The centre cannot hold... just another Shiny City on the Hill self-destructing.

Alas, this has been the sordid saga of Progressivsm for the past 2300 years. And pride certainly does seem to be at the root of all this man-made misery. A Platonist global world demands a globalised morality - also see Wagner's Law in this regard.

Things are bound to become increasingly worse. Identity politics has truly let the pride genie out of the bottle. The positions of the various discrete groupings can only harden. Frankly, ISIS didn't spring from the ground for no reason. Boko Haram literally means "Western knowledge is evil" - the perfect captor protagonists for a Plato's Cave movie.

Increasing conflict is inevitable. A wonderful example being the current moral predicament English-speaking White South Africans (the Eternal Anglo) currently find themselves in. Their political and cultural champion, the ├╝ber-Progressive Helen Zille, leader of the official opposition in South Africa, was recently fired for merely stating that colonialism also had positive consequences in terms of the development of the country. It goes without saying that this is 100% true, but it obviously hurt the pride of the Bantu in South Africa because they were oppressed (humiliated) during that period. Universal and a-historical Equality, remember? How can one be humiliated when all are supposed to be equal - universally and eternally. Disconnect after disconnect.

Be that as it may, Zille's sacking caused outrage among the ever-pontificating Eternal Anglo in Mandeadlatopia because it, obviously, hurt their pride as being the most Progressive group... the "messiah" of/in the country, according to their egos, which, since 1948, has been stroked by blaming all the woes in the country on the Boers, a la Apartheid.

Rather silly, seeing that Apartheid was but the refinement of British colonial policies at the time. But then, the Eternal Anglo has always been a master at outsourcing guilt. Also #MAGA, remember? Nothing wrong with pride except when outsourcing guilt. One either has pride, or allow oneself to be willfully humiliated, like the Whites at Evergreen College. Having your cake and eating it simply does not work.

Given the above pride butt-hurt, just imagine said regarding Hitler's after WWI and the Treaty of Versailles, or, heaven forbid, the wounded pride of the most successful group in modern Western history, the Jew - after WWII. That's why Godwin's Law has become the (moral) Year Zero in the West. Even a pubescent Pygmy in the darkest Congo can simply scream "Nazi" at any White passing by in order to get the latter to cower in fear, humiliation and complete submission.

And so the blame game intensifies, accelerates - pride purity-spiralling back (in)to original ideologies... the usury of Morality. In this sense, political correctness is but a crutch for wounded pride, and "hate speech" the semantic plaster for the sore.

The question now arises whether it is possible for the West to escape from this suicidal death spiral of the CMSes that define the very core of Progressivism. The writer believes it is indeed possible, but only after the great implosion of the moral ontology based on Platonism.

Neoreactionary (henceforth, #NRx) thinkers have done sterling work in defining possible future politcal frameworks after the coming crash. For example, it is a fact that commerce is the only thing that all humans have agreed on in history. It is therefore amoral and perfectly suited as the foundation
of a new political dispensation in the West. In this context, see #NRx theory regarding Ancap, Sovcorp and Neocameralism. The fusion of an amoral system with an Open Moral System certainly seems to be the way to go.

Climatism is the Alamo of Progressivism and its infernal CMSes. It will bring about the final demise of universalism and a-historicality in terms of the moral sentiments of the West. When Plato conflated Science and Morality, he inevitably created Hawking's dream of a Unified Theory... as well as a Unified Devil. CO2 will fulfill the latter role.

It is therefore no wonder that Dark Enlightenment thinkers are eagerly awaiting the great Progressive Implosion. Exit is their battle-cry, their modus operandi. The most talented of them, the British philosopher Nick Land, fervently yearns for the AI singularity to lead Mankind out of this conundrum. Not unlike Heidegger's "only a god can save us" existentialism, Land's desperation resembles Ralph's (of Lord of the Flies fame) final dash to the beach... to seek the god that will save him. In Land's case, this god is AI. Mr Spock digitalised, so to speak. In a sense, it makes perfect sense for AI will have nobody to blame for the woes besetting Life. The first consciousness with full moral agency.

And precisely this should be the goal of the New West, of Occident 2.0. Pride sublimated as victimhood only leads to disaster. There will be no terrestrial Utopia, not now, not ever. Plato was a Deist.

Enter the Blockchain. Imagine 1000s of self-contained/referencing moral locales dotting geographic space in the West. All like AI. All  unbeholden to powerful intermediaries acting as final arbiters of "good and evil", like, e.g. Utilitarianism or Climatism. See, e.g. the Hotep-AltRight alliance. The moral locale here is "manosphere". Not unlike Communism, it even transcends race, believe it or not.

Patchwork morality is the future. For Whites, the creators of Western Civilisation, have lost the demographic war. Demography is fate (August Comte). The only option Whites have left is to circle the wagons a la #MAGA and #Brexit. The Blockchain is the perfect instrument to bring this about.  But first Plato must die. Science and Morality must be deconflated. The writer believes a fusion of the ultimate amoral system, Evolution, and the ultimate Open Moral System, Faith, will achieve
just that. For Life wants to live... without blame.

(to be continued)

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