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Friday, 18 August 2017

How to Save the Boer (and the rest of the West)

Where are you? The relentless Commie assault on Donald Trump and his #MAGA agenda (re. the #Charlotesville incident) during the past two weeks has shown that the very fate of Western Civilisation now hangs by the thinnest of threads. Everything that we, as Westerners, have valued for over two and a half millennia is now under siege by the scourge of Progressivism. Time is running out. Every White must now ask him/herself this fundamental question; does s/he value Western Civilisation enough to die for? Or is it just not worth it anymore? Your choice.

Value is a factor of fidelity and scarcity. Just think of gold. You can trust it to "be there tomorrow"
and it is in very limited supply. Hence its high value throughout the ages. In my opinion, this axiom
is applicable to virtually all spheres of life as a very reliable instrument of valuation.

So what then is the value of the Boer - and by extension - the value of all Whites athward of the great
demographic shifts of the 20th and 21st century? The mere fact that they, the Boers, are getting scarcer already points to an increase in (their) value. But, will they be there tomorrow? In short; do they have the necessary drive and skills to continue existing as one of the most unique groups of humans in history? And if yes, how to do so?

The Boer arrived in Africa in the middle of the 16th century. And in the last 350 years they - and (the) 18th century British colonialists - have turned the country called South Africa into the richest, most developed and most powerful in Africa, just like their American and Australian peers have done in their respective countries. But now, thanks to the multi-culti zealotry of Progressivism, the Boer, like their American counterparts, the Southeners, are threatened with extinction.

Boers are natural-born farmers. A few thousand commercial farmers feed nearly 60 million Blacks in the country. Their skills are highly sought-after  - with dozens of African governments literally begging them to resettle in their respective countries in order to feed their starving citizens. Even Russia and Georgia are encouraging Boers to come farm there. Many have left. Yet a very tough core has remained. A breed whose stubbornness could not even be broken by living in the extremely hostile environment called Black Africa for more than three centuries. Just ask "Mr Sherlock Holmes", Sir Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

It suffices to say that these harsh circumstances have bred in the Boer his remarkable abilities as (a) soldier (see, e.g. Executive Outcomes ) and medical doctor (see, e.g. Chris Barnard ). Ditto some English-speaking White South Africans.

This unique skill-set - feeding yourself, fighting off enemies and healing (yourself and kin) - is perhaps the most fundamental skill-set there is... to "be there tomorrow". To summarise; the Boer has tremendous value. Yet his isolation - in the rural areas, in primitive Africa - has seen him fatally
underestimate the currents of globalisation which the Progressive West have stirred up since the late 6os. Rurality and those Shining Cities on the Hill have always been at odds... just ask the White working-class in the American Rust Belt.

Be that as it may; the time to adapt or die is upon the Boer again. Being eternally Django'ed to sixty million Blacks will kill him, that is for sure. South Africa is turning into just another post-colonial African failed state. Time is running out. The country will soon resemble a Zimbabwean-like Mad Max hell-scape of relatively safe enclaves surrounded by starving feral hordes. In short; the Boer must make a plan. Now! But how?

In a recent interview, Steve Bannon, Donald Trump's chief strategist, brought nation(al) survival to the point.

"You have to control for three things... borders, currency and military and national identity"

Sadly the Boer only still controls one of these survival imperatives, national identity - and that only by the skin of his teeth. Only a handful of Boers , like the artist and activist Steve Hofmeyr, the writer Dan Roodt, and a few #NRx and #AltRight shit/edgelords, keep it alive - on emergency life-support, to be precise.

Yet this is by no means the sum total of what is possible. On the contrary; the IT Revolution as given the Boer (nearly) all the possibilities to survive intact, as a unique Volk. All it needs is a plan. And the necessary drive to carry out this plan.

So here it is. The Boer must simply regain control of the three imperatives Bannon outlined.

Step 1: Create a Boer currency. This could easily be done with the Wave Platform.

Step 2: Create a dapp (decentralising app) that would allow Boers to interact only with fellow Boers in terms of trade, culture, education (possibilities), etc. This could easily be done with Android App Developers.  Coders in White countries (still) sympathetic to the Boer's cause could help a lot in developing said software. Fact is; it will be the template (dapp) for them in the future too. The fate of the Boer is the fate of the rest of the West, ultimately.

Step 3: Boers should move closer together geographically to, at least, have an overview of their "borders" within there various enclaves. See #NRx theory in this regard - especially the sterling example of Singapore. Patchwork is inevitable. Decentralised power supply possibilities are numerous, e.g. bio-diesel and  Sunflower (in combination with Tesla Power Walls). Once South Africa collapses, which it inevitably will, the distances between these enclaves can be reduced or done away with altogether in order to establish a truly independent Volkstaat/republic... or even a monarchy. Who knows what the future brings. Back to controling borders; yes, that would involve fighting. And yes, weapons must be acquired. But even here tech can help by e.g. 3D printed guns, drones, surveillance equipment, Greyhat hacking, etc.

The Boer is truly the last living canary in the coal mine when it comes to the ultimate survival of based Whites, globally. And even just that makes him even more valuable by the minute.

At the end of the day, identity is genetics. Hence the terminus of Identity Politics will, inevitably, end in (a) race war. The Boers are at the front lines already. The hour is now. Where are you?

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